Learn More About The 1991 Ford Explorer

Learn More About The 1991 Ford Explorer

The 1991 Ford Explorer, ever since its inception, has been one of Ford’s finest cars. The Explorer occupies a bright place in Ford’s fiscal scenario indeed. The 1991 Ford Explorer gained massive popularity among car enthusiasts, owing to the car’s fine features and impressive performance. No wonder Ford had to boost the 1991 Explorer’s production by a great margin, due to increased demands.

Enjoy a Comfortable and Homely Ride

The 1991 Ford Explorer builds on the age-old formula of comfort, practicality, and performance. The interiors are roomy and comfortable, making the car a perfect family-mover, which also comes with a good deal of versatility.

When it comes to the design, the 1991 Ford Explorer has no frills. Its simplicity is its USP. Yet, the styling is pretty refined. The well thought out structure and hardware of the car also ensure an easy drive. You can also easily change the oil on the 1991 Ford Explorer by following certain simple instructions. The car comes is a two-door or a four-door version. The design is a wonderful blend of both contemporary and suburban features.

How to Change Oil on the 1991 Ford Explorer

Changing oil on the 1991 Ford Explorer is a simple task. The car’s mechanisms have been designed keeping in mind the convenience and the comfort of the user. In order to change the oil on the 1991 Ford Explorer, you need to follow these simple steps.

Use a filter wrench to unscrew the oil filter in an anticlockwise direction. Remove the existing oil filter and wipe the area clean using a paper towel. Before you install a new filter, you need to smear the oil filter sealing ring with some fresh oil. Clean it up using a paper towel and screw the new filter on.

Now you can refill your engine with some fresh oil. Use a funnel to do it and avoid any spillage. Keep pouring in small amounts and keep checking the level with a dipstick. The oil level should be just below the maximum mark on the dipstick. Once you are done, get the engine started and keep it idle for a minute. Switch it off and check for leaks. You are now good to go!