Guide On Installing Running Boards In Van

Guide On Installing Running Boards In Van

Older people or even children for that matter, have difficulty in boarding or getting down from vans, which are slightly elevated. To make boarding easy, one needs to install running boards in their vehicles. Some vehicles are equipped with running boards whereas the same is missing in other vehicles.

The main purpose of a running board in a van is its usage as a step. Secondly, for buyers preferring vehicles with higher ground clearance, running boards can be used as a fashion statement.

Running boards for vans

Running boards for vans can also be termed as a stepping ladder. In earlier models or vintage cars, running boards were present on both sides of the vans. However, as vehicles evolved, the ground clearance was lower, due to which, the needs for running boards was done with. Running boards for vans come in a variety of materials like diamond-plate steel, rubber, plastic, fiberglass, and tube.

Newer vehicles may or may not come with running boards. Running boards for van come with necessary brackets and hardware that are needed to install them. There is a drop of two-inch on them, to have access while getting in and out of the van.

Types of running boards

Running boards for van come with different types and styles. The buyer can either get a customized painted running board to the match the van color or buy it online. Here are some types of running boards.

  • Standard

One of the most basic types of running board that run from side to side or front and back of the van.

  • Metal

Metal running boards are available in the metallic finish or matte finish. Some metal running boards come with tractions for better grip.

  • Lighted

Lighted running boards give kind of illumination look to the van. Lighted running boards are either lighted at both ends or are lighted all along the board.

  • Retractable

Retractable type of running boards for vans are very flexible as they retract when not needed.

  • Molded step

This running board comes with rugged UV-resistant dark gray or black color finish.

Running boards for vans are a good way to ensure safety and bring an aesthetic change to the vehicle.