How To Protect Your Tires From Damage

How To Protect Your Tires From Damage

Tires are never listed in the safety features of a car’s manual, when in fact, they should be listed as the most critical component. Tires are responsible for your safety when your car is rolling. They are meant to give you a grip and control over your vehicle. Unfortunately, most people ignore their tires until the time they are completely shredded.

Tires are essential for the well-being of the vehicle and its passengers. Hence, they should be taken care of like any other car parts. You should also take care of the fact that every vehicle has a different tire type. So, if you have a light SUV, you should buy only light SUV tires. Let’s understand how to avoid tire damage.

Avoid potholes and debris

Potholes and debris are the most common problems for a car tire and the bigger problem is that they are everywhere. It is a tricky job to avoid them but then it is good for the tires. Dips into potholes can put a gash on the treads and it might even throw off the alignment. Similarly, debris can easily puncture a good tire and ruin it forever.

Avoid overloading

Overloading a vehicle puts severe pressure on a vehicle’s tires. Tires of frequently overloaded vehicles wear and tear quickly and might even blow because of the smallest debris. Check out your user manual for the ideal weight of your vehicle and stick to it to get value for your money.

Maintain proper tire pressure

Maintaining proper tire pressure is the best mantra for a healthy tire. Properly inflated tires wear evenly, which in turn, improves their life and the fuel economy of the vehicle. A well-balanced tire also results in better handling of the vehicle and comfortable rides.

Tire health is very important to a vehicle’s overall performance. You cannot go a long way with tires that are in really bad shape and you cannot mismatch the tires either. If you drive a light SUV, always purchase light SUV tires or you will end up paying a heavy cost.