Buying The Right Light SUV Tires

Buying The Right Light SUV Tires

When choosing your car tire, consider factors like the common driving conditions in your area, the number of passengers or cargo you usually carry, whether you often have to travel in off-road conditions, the climate, and so on.

Light SUV Tires

The small-size Sports Utility Vehicles are becoming more popular among car buyers. They still offer more passenger-carrying capacity and cargo space than small passenger vehicles. These vehicles also offer a high driving position. They can handle moderate off-road conditions.

So, how do you choose the best tires for your small SUV when the time comes to replace a tire? First, find whether your car needs passenger or light truck tires. Look for P or LT on the tire itself, on the driver door decal, or in the glove box.

Generally, don’t change the tire type that the car came with. If this is the first time you are replacing a tire on your SUV that you bought brand new a few years before, stick with P or LT as the old tire indicates.

However, if you generally encounter bad road conditions, maybe you can switch to an LT tire. Consult with a tire expert, describe the load you usually carry, and the road conditions you travel on.

Passenger-metric Tires

These type of light SUV tires provide good all-season performance, good grip on city roads and highway conditions. You can buy touring tires or performance tires. Touring tires ensure all-season traction, good responsiveness, and high levels of comfort. They have a higher tire profile to ensure cushioning and a smooth ride on bad roads. Performance passenger tires are similar, but they have a low tire profile to give you better performance and handling. Their ride experience may not be as comfortable as with touring tires.

LT Tires

If you are looking for light truck (LT) tires for your small SUV, they can provide better load support and on and off-road performance. However, they are built for heavy vehicles and so their stiff construction might affect the comfort and handling of your small SUV. Unless recommended, stick with passenger tires for your light SUV.

Climate Conditions and Light SUV Tires

If you live in a place with moderate climate conditions, all-season or summer/three-season tires will be your best choices. All-season tires provide good grip on the road and offer a smooth and comfortable ride. If the roads are good in your area and you don’t much indulge in off-road driving, these tires can last long and also help in balancing the fuel consumption of your car.

Summer or three-season tires are best for warm climate conditions; they can handle heat better and provide good grip on wet roads. If you live in a region that experiences harsh winter seasons, buy a set of good winter tires for use during this period. Switch to your regular tires when conditions become warmer. Winter season tires are not for normal driving conditions and do not last long over long periods of use.