Buying A Good Set Of Winter Tires

Buying A Good Set Of Winter Tires

Winter brings with it snow, ice, slush, and hazardous road conditions. If your region experiences harsh winter conditions, adding a set of good winter tires to your car is extremely important. You can find a lot of winter tires deals online.

How do you Know if you Need Winter Tires?

What sort of weather conditions do you experience in your area during the cold season? If the temperature continuously falls below 45 Degrees F, you most probably need winter tires. Snow – followed by rain and freezing conditions – can turn the roads into sheets of ice.

Your all-season or even all-terrain tires will not help in such conditions. You need tires specifically designed to handle winter roads. Snow is hard to drive through; slush and ice make it dangerous for you to drive on.

See if your local tire dealers offer winter tires deals. Winter snow tires are specially designed tires. They are made of a softer rubber compound that makes them flexible, providing enhanced traction.

Should you Use Studs?

Previously, it was a common practice to have metal studs inserted into tires to provide added traction on ice. Even now, you can buy winter tires with studs for icy road conditions. However, these studs can damage roads when the ice begins to melt and cause accidents. Many states ban the use of studded tires after the cold season has passed.

Studless winter tires are now quite capable of providing the extra traction and other functionalities required while driving in winter conditions. The deep treads, larger grooves, and denser sipes, all combine to provide excellent grip on the snow, ice, or slush. The large grooves and numerous sipes help to channel away from the snow and slush from getting caught up between the treads and refreezing. The grooves stay clean as you move through the roads; so you need not fear that the snow will get packed in them and make you lose traction. Winter tires also enhance the brake functions, helping to stop the vehicle quickly, even in slippery conditions.

Find Winter Tires Deals

Look for special offers on winter tires when winter and snow approaches. Search online or visit your local tire shops. Most will be offering some good deals on full sets of 4 winter tires. This is the best way to go; change all your tires for winter to get maximum traction. Once winter season passes, you can swap these for your regular tires. Using winter tires also helps to extend the life of your good all-season OEM tires.

You can look for online winter tires deals, which offer tire and wheel packages. You provide details of your vehicle for which you want the package. The tire dealer then prepares a set of 4 wheels and tires. The package consists of mounted and balanced sets of wheels and tires. All you need to do is install them in your car. Many companies offer free delivery of the pack to your doorstep.