Best Floor Mats For The BMW 325i

Best Floor Mats For The BMW 325i

BMW 325i is a classic car. Its interiors are plush and hence you cannot ruin them with plain, simple floor mats. There are many brands that manufacture floor mats for this car, but some makers stand out for their high-quality, classy products. Here we have listed a few for your perusal.

Husky Liners Heavy Duty

Husky Liners Heavy Duty Floor Mats feature deep ridges and high side walls. These mats perfectly fulfill their purpose by holding dirt and water without spilling. Husky Liners have patented nibs on the underside which keeps the mat from moving around on the floor of the 2003 BMW 325i.

WeatherTech All-Weather

WeatherTech All-Weather Floor Mats have been designed to keep the car floors clean during all seasons. This carpet is tough enough to handle day-to-day abuse from kids, cargo, and pets. These mats are custom-made for the BMW 325i, and they can be used right from day one.

CoverKing Custom

CoverKing Custom Mats for BMW 325i are made to fit the car floor perfectly. These mats are transparent; hence the color of the floor shows through. This gives you a perfect color balance inside the cabin of your car. These are all-weather mats and they come with a one year warranty from the company.

Lloyd Berber

Lloyd is well known for making some of the best floor mats for top car brands. These mats are made of a unique blend of Berber, nylon and other materials, which gives them a classic look along with a long life. Lloyd makes both front and rear row mats for the BMW 325i and gives a warranty of five years.

Aries StyleGuard

This company makes floor mats for BMW cars by the model and the year of manufacture. They are made of thick rubber and are very long lasting. Aries mats come with sculpted channels to trap mud and water in order to keep the floor carpet clean.

You can choose from any of the above-mentioned brands to shop the perfect 2003 BMW 325i floor mats. All these brands offer reliable and stylish car mats.