5 Tires From Pirellis Winter Edition You Should Know About

5 Tires From Pirellis Winter Edition You Should Know About

Pirelli, the brand, was founded in Italy in the year 1872. It is a well-known brand for manufacturing brand-specific tires. You won’t believe it; but, many big brands across the globe prefer Pirelli tires for their high-end models.

Pirelli tires are made with advanced technology. Of course, they are expensive; but, you can find good tires deals for Pirelli tires with some research. The company produces tires for every kind of vehicles, all-terrain, and all weathers. Here, let’s quickly talk about Pirelli’s winter editions tires.

Scorpion Winter

Scorpion Winter guarantees maximum stability in the snow. It is contemplated to be the best in its class for excellent braking, handling, and traction in snow. It has been designed for modern SUVs, specifically for the high-end models.


Winter SOTTOZERO 3 has been designed for high-end luxurious vehicles. This tire has been designed with a focus on providing maximum safety, control, and performance during the winter season. It is capable of handling all winter conditions like snow, wet, and dry.


Winter SOTTOZERO Serie II is ideal for a sports car and other top-end vehicles. This tire comes with the promise of balancing performance with a respect for the environment. The design in this tire ensures a high level of grip on the snow.


If you are looking for high level of stability and control in Nordic winter conditions, ICE ZERO is the tire for you. This has been manufactured for a medium sized car, premium sedans, and SUVs.

Cinturato Winter

With Cinturato Winter tires, Pirelli shows off some of the highest levels of winter technology. This tire was specially designed for European consumers to provide them safety and performance on all types of road surfaces. Cinturato is available for all car sizes, SUVs, and crossovers.

Pirelli is a market leader when it comes to tires built with cutting-edge technologies. We agree that they are a little on the upper end of the budget but then, you can always look for tires deals for Pirelli tires so that you buy them at a discount.